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How to Create Your First Blog – Start from the Most Basics

A blog is a powerful medium to express your opinion, get passive income or even both! 

From this article, you may already know what a blog is. Nevertheless, maybe you are still unsure or even do not know where to start. This article will help you prepare the most essential basics in creating your first blog.

Niche: Your Blog as Yourself

A niche can be simply described as the “uniqueness” or “specialization” of your blog. Ask yourself: what do you want the world to see?

Do you want to share your vacation stories? Or to sell your second-hand clothes? Maybe you have just ordered a delicious pizza and want to tell others about its great taste?

Decide what you want to write. This will determine what type of blogger you will be: a travel blogger, food blogger, or storyteller of your personal diary? Or a mix of all? The choice is yours.

If you are unsure, don’t worry. Deciding a niche is not an instant action. Even professional bloggers often made changes or shifted their niche from one to another. Take your time to grasp what you really like and what you want to write.

Picking the Best Name

Your blog needs a name a.k.a domain. Pick a short, unique, and simple name representing yourself and the topics you’ll be writing. After that, check using a domain checker to make sure it is available.

If you are still unsure what to name your blog, a domain name generator will help you with that. 

Hostinger Domain Checker

Choosing A Platform

For starters, go to Blogger.com or WordPress.com. They’re free, very simple, and ready-to-use for most basic users. You also don’t need to buy a domain.

If you want a more powerful yet simple and affordable version, try this WordPress Hosting packages. Using WordPress this way (called self-hosting) allows you to install various plugins to support your blog. For example, to help you to write more SEO-friendly posts, provide visitors information, speed up the load time, and so on. 

Self-hosting requires you to separately buy a domain. Read this article to know more.

WordPress with self-hosting. Notice the more complete version compared to the free WordPress.com

WordPress with self-hosting. Notice the more complete version compared to the free WordPress.com

One Step Closer: Setting Up Theme, Page / Menu, and Category

Your blog is here now, but it’s still blank. Before starting writing, make some adjustments to the look and navigation.

Theme is crucial to making your blog look great. But, always keep in mind the navigability. Choose a simple yet beautiful theme and avoid using big-sized themes which slows your blog to load. A SEO-friendly theme is also great to make your blog easily stand out in Google search.

Paging is also crucial to distinguish between your blog posts and the other parts, such as the landing (home) page and profile (about) page. Use the menu to ease navigation, like placing it at the header, footer, or sidebar.

Categories are to distinguish your topics further. For instance, you can make categories such as domestic and international travel for your travel blog. Good categorization will help your readers navigate better and find things they’re looking for easier.

Knowing What to Write from Keywords

Decide who your audience will be. Brainstorm topics and ideas based on your niche and audiences. Use free tools like Google Trends to know what people are looking up in Google search. Remember, Google will rank your blog high if you provide answers to what people are searching on the internet.

Comparing how many people are typing ‘ice cream’, ‘smoothies’, and ‘coffee’ in Indonesia for the past 12 months

Your Blog is Ready!

Congratulations on making your first blog! Now, it’s time to write and grow your audience. Brainstorm, research, and schedule your topics to keep your blog fresh and up-to-date. 

This article only covers the most basic stuff. Read this article to get into a more complete tutorial on making a blog, like choosing your hosting, planning your content strategy, and monetizing your content.

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